Piano Lago Calcestruzzi S.r.l., ISO 9001-certified and SOA-qualified, is a company operating for many years in the fields of civil and industrial engineering construction and the hire of special operating machinery in Italy and abroad, and in heavy lifting of large dimensions (in the naval, petrochemical, iron and steel, wind energy, and general energy industries).  The firm also possesses a fleet of vehicles and equipment for demolition of structures in masonry, reinforced concrete, and prestressed reinforced concrete – even heavily reinforced – and for recovery of debris whether at the client’s site (using mobile equipment) or at its own facility at Figline Vegliaturo.  Piano Lago Calcestruzzi draws its strength from the technological background and experience of its mother company, Perri, that since the early 1900s has specialized in the extraction and working of stone and alluvial material.

Piano Lago Calcestruzzi, a leader in the production, supply and placement of selected aggregates from its own authorized quarries and of concrete mixtures, at present is able with its three operating facilities to guarantee a production of several thousand cubic meters of product.  With a technologically diversified range of products, the company seeks to meet the needs of a market that is dynamic and demanding, broadening its range of products and services with a constant eye to improving cost efficiency.  The firm owes its success to the vision and passion of its director, to the people who work at the firm, to the use of advanced technologies, and to the quality of the materials, inspected and selected in the most modern laboratories of materials science and technology.

The firm’s many activities, the quality of its services, and the seriousness and competence of its technical staff make Piano Lago Calcestruzzi S.r.l. an ideal partner, a firm able to address its clients’ problems with appropriate and effective solutions.



LEGAL NAME: Piano Lago Calcestruzzi S.R.L.
LEGAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE HEADQUARTERS: Contrada Felicetti - 87050 Figline Vegliaturo (CS).
REGISTRATION IN ITALIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (C.C.I.A.A.) : Company no. 110632, enrolled 1990-02-26.

SOA certificate no. 9822/19/00 issued 2006-03-27 for activities in Design and Execution in Categories OG1, OG3, OG8, OS1, OS11 and OS23.

Collection centre for waste aggregates derived from Construction, Demolition, and Excavation, authorized by ordinance no. 3254 of the Managing Commissioner for the Environmental Emergency in the Region of Calabria, issued 2004-12-15.

Enrolment no. CZ 000485/S in the National Registry of Environmental Operators – regional section for Calabria.
Enrolment no. CS/8054255/Q in the Cosenza Province Registry of Road Haulage Contractors of Items for Third Parties.